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  • Feb 2024
    Mazda Demio (Mazda 2) is a great little car to drive around. Comfortable, fuel efficient, responsive and has all the bells and whistles you would expect in a modern car.
    —Christpoher S - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Jan 2024
    I adore my new car, the features are amazing. The fuel consumption is absolutely great.
    —Jayde W - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S Skyactiv
  • Sep 2023
    Good car, perfect on fuel economy, good and cheap running car. Interior very cute and fancy and elegant looking.
    —Farzeena B - 2016 Mazda Demio 'Urban Stylish Mode'
  • Jul 2023
    fantastic Car, fuel efficient and very reliable,Good looking and drives great
    —Pimjai A - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Jul 2023
    A very comfortable car, also nice appearance and plenty of pep.
    —Valerie N - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S Touring
  • Mar 2023
    Great little Car!
    —Petrina W - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Feb 2023
    Very economical car
    —Ravi S - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Feb 2023
    I'm enjoying my new Mazda Demio, which I'm finding to be very economical.
    —Shana K - 2016 Mazda Demio 13C
  • Sep 2022
    Very pleased with vehicle.
    —Marian E - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Sep 2022
    My Demio is a dream to drive, low cost on fuel, smooth drive..love the indicators on the side mirrors, surprisingly loads of boot space
    —Revana F - 2016 Mazda Demio 15MB
  • Sep 2022
    All good so far! Runs well and seems economical. Early days but we are enjoying the journey thus far.
    —Stephen L - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S
  • Aug 2022
    —Sandy A - 2016 Mazda Demio skyactive $1000 rebate
  • Aug 2022
    Fantastic car
    —Samuel D - 2016 Mazda Demio 13C
  • Jul 2022
    —Dan H - 2016 Mazda Demio Diesel with Reversing Camera, Cruise Control, Heated Seats !
  • Jul 2022
    Very economical for my use, ideal for my purpose and just the right space for my convenience. Would sure information with others.
    —Sharon T - 2016 Mazda Demio 1.3 S
  • Jul 2022
    Really good car. Has good pick up Good technology Comfortable to drive in Good for parking spaces as well
    —JATAN P - 2016 Mazda Demio Sky-Active
  • Jul 2022
    The car is good as new. As of now I don’t have any problem with the car. Very satisfied that I get I wanted for a car. Smooth drive with the car and easy with the keyless driving.
    —Anthony S - 2016 Mazda DEMIO Low KM
  • May 2022
    this is a beautiful car on the inside and out. amazing to drive and perfect size for 1-2 people, however wouldn’t recommend if you frequently want to use the back seats as it is a bit small! i am very happy with the size for myself though :)
    —Alice F - 2016 Mazda Demio 13S TOURING
  • Apr 2022
    All good..
    —Petronilo C - 2016 Mazda Demio
  • Mar 2022
    Very happy
    —Barbara F - 2016 Mazda Demio 13C
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